Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC Zirconia Oxygen Gas Analyser

The Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC oxygen analyser allows fast and accurate oxygen analysis over the range 1ppm to 100% O2. The analyser provides continuous on-line oxygen analysis, with a typical response time of less than 5 seconds for a 90% response to a step change in gas compositions.

At the heart of the Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC is a zirconia oxygen sensor including an internal pressure sensor which compensates for small changes in gas pressure to keep the readings stable.

Contained within is a long-life sample pump that draws a gas sample at a flow rate set via the software between 0-1 litres per minute. Alternatively the pump can be independently turned off via an external switch on the rear of the analyser.

In addition to the standard software and hardware functions, the Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC is capable of proportional flow control (PFC). PFC is used for controlling the oxygen gas inside an oven or similar equipment by operating a proportional flow valve.

A 4-20mA control signal is generated by the Rapidox and output on the auxiliary terminals on the rear panel. This signal is used to control the proportional gas valve on the oven.

The Rapidox software uses established PID control theory to enable stable control of the oxygen value.

Features include two fully programmable alarm circuits (volt free contacts), programmable analogue outputs (0-10V and 4-20mA), easy calibration (user selectable gases), RS232 / RS485 communications and full data-logging software.


If you would like to purchase the Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC or have any further questions please call technical sales on:

+44 (0)1480 462142


Website: http://www.cambridge-sensotec.co.uk/p-Rapidox_1100ZF-PFC

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