HRS Heat Exchangers Launches a New Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

HRS has launched a new scraped surface heat exchanger to the market called the HRS-Rotex. The HRS-Rotex is a rotary scraped surface heat exchanger that brings new patent pending technology to the market. Traditional rotary scraped surface heat exchangers work on the principle of a tube in tube design and therefore are limited in capacity.

HRS has come up with a novel system to make a rotary scraped surface heat exchanger possible with a multi tube design. This means that capacity per module is increased considerably, reducing capital investment.

New product innovation has not stopped there. Another feature included is the fitting of a helical screw design on the scraper system. This helical screw helps to push the product forward during operation and further helps to reduce pumping costs when a system operates with the HRS-Rotex system.

Also a radical new approach is given to the service side of the heat exchanger. A new and improved baffle design helps to increase fluid velocities and further boosts heat transfer.

Marcos Alarcon, chief designer at HRS Heat Exchanger’s comments: “Great thought has gone into the HRS-Rotex concept. We have spent many hours analysing existing rotary scraped surface heat exchange technology, identifying shortcomings and have engineered new solutions. We believe that the HRS-Rotex concept that has come out of this process will help our customer reduce their capital and operational expenditure for difficult heat transfer applications.”

Matt Hale, International Sales Manager at HRS Heat Exchangers explains how the new HRS-Rotex fits into the existing HRS product line: “The HRS-Rotex is complementary technology to the other scraped surface technology we offer – The HRS Unicus. We have come to realise that the HRS Unicus is the ideal technology for evaporation of fouling liquids and large duty heat exchange applications with difficult fluids. However, for smaller duties involving high viscosities and fouling problems, the new HRS-Rotex technology provides a better solution towards efficient heat exchange. The combination of both technologies positions HRS Heat Exchangers in a unique way. For any type of application where scraped surface heat exchangers are needed, we bring the optimised solution being able to pick from multiple technologies”.

About HRS Heat Exchangers

HRS Heat Exchangers is a leading international heat transfer specialist offering innovative solutions to the processing industry.

Headquartered in the UK, HRS Heat Exchangers operates at the forefront of processing technology and for over 30 years has designed, manufactured and sold heat exchangers and heat transfer technology to many different industries.

HRS products and system solutions have been used in such sectors as HVAC, Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water supply, Energy Recovery, Waste to energy and Environmental protection. All HRS products are manufactured to ISO 9001 and comply with the European PED, and are also certified to the ASME “U” stamp standard.

HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd offers a wide range of heat exchangers and associated products including corrugated tube shell and tube, scraped surface and plate heat exchangers, together with a hygienic piston pump and packages such as Pasteurisers, CIP and Food processing systems. HRS also manufactures a patented self-cleaning scraped surface evaporator system for solids concentration.

HRS has offices in Spain, USA, Peru, Malaysia and India as well as manufacturing and assembly plants in the UK, India, and Spain.

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