The new configurable series of EN approved 450W U-Channel AC/DC Power Supplies

Ideal Power now offer the new 30M(W)LT450 series from German-owned EOS. The 30M(W)LT450 is a family of 450 Watt U-Channel Enclosed / Chassis Cover AC/DC power conversion supplies available for Medical, Industrial and Commercial applications, with current sharing facility and fan assembly options.

The 30M(W)LT450 series is packaged in a 4 x 6.5 x 1.61 inch U-Channel chassis and has options of top, side mounted fan or fan less assemblies. The products provide convection cooled ratings of up to 300 Watts, typical efficiency levels of 90% and no load power consumption levels of 0.8 Watts maximum at 230VAC input levels and carry EN60601 3rd Edition and 
EN60950 2nd edition approvals respectively.

The medical products all have dual fusing and compliance to  2 x MOPP and 1 x MOPP respectively. The 30M(W)LT450 series is produced in an EOS manufacturing facility which has received numerous Quality and Manufacturing awards from noted bodies such as Dun and Bradstreet, Elcina, along with Frost and Sullivan.

If you wish to receive further information or discuss the potential use of these power supplies for one of your projects, please contact us where you can speak to a member of the IP Support engineering team.


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