Minitec: Spiral Conveyor System

This bespoke spiral conveyor system was designed and built for a company that has a production plant for bottling and packaging of liquids, gels, ointments, creams, pastes, powders etc.

Some of the products need to be cooled down from a temperature of 65°C to below 30° C in about 8 minutes and this conveyor system allows for this to happen efficiently.



The spiral conveyor has 11 levels operating at a speed of around 5 meters per minute. The cooling is achieved by pumping 5° C cold air through an air conditioner which allows for 45 litres of product to be cooled at any one time. This equates to 600 products at a time or around 4000 units per hour.

The total length of the spiral conveyor system is around 36 meters, with the items rising around two meters through the process.

The system is equipped with a Seimens S7 (CPU-IM151) controller and sensors to monitor product transport.

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