ODU-MAC® connectors now offer even higher performance!

Connector specialistODU has increased both the flow-rate and operating pressure of its modular rectangular ODU-MAC range. The flow-rate of the compressed air valves has been  increased by approximately 20%, whilst the operating pressure of the fluid modules has been  boosted by 10 bar (145 PSI).

These connectors now allow OEM’s to meet the need for ever-increasing levels of performance.   Medical equipment such as shock-wave therapy devices, industrial and measurement equipment, test engineering etc, can benefit from an expanded range of applications, whilst retaining the existing guarantee of at least 100,000 mating cycles.

Naturally, the new modules are also 100% plug-compatible with previous versions and are available as one or two-pin compressed-air modules, or as a two-pin fluid-coupling module, both with the choice of shut-off or non-shut-off versions.

The ODU-MAC modular rectangular connector range, with high contact security, robust design and a wide range of modules, mountable in either DIN housings or aluminium docking-frames, offers the ultimate in versatility – tailor-made solutions at standard connector prices.

ODU-MAC is only one of ODU’s many problem-solving connectors – so, if you’re faced with a connector design or performance conundrum, they may have the answer.

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