Mobius Institute Launches Media Center & Community for Industrial Condition Monitoring Professionals

Mobius Institute, the premier provider of reliability improvement, condition monitoring and vibration analysis training, certification and professional conferences today announced the launch of its content-rich multimedia website; CBM Connect. CBM Connect ( serves the industrial professional community as a central CBM resource of high quality videos, articles, podcasts, webinars and training tracks without cost to the subscriber. CBM Connect’s focus of condition monitoring topics include vibration analysis, infrared imaging (IR thermography), oil analysis, wear particle analysis, motor testing, ultrasound analysis, precision lubrication, alignment, balancing, and other precision maintenance techniques.

Core design elements of CBM Connect were intended to fill needs not provided by traditional media companies; provide targeted CBM content based on user preferences, provide a direct means for anyone to connect with industry experts and peers, provide a means for anyone to contribute (and have published) their successes and thought leadership in written and multimedia formats, and to create a rich and targeted repository of CBM content that is meaningful to develop subscriber’s knowledge and skills in industrial machine condition monitoring technologies.

“Condition monitoring practitioners have a rewarding but challenging profession and they need a resource where they can learn and share. Rather than googling endlessly or being lost in a forum with a different focus, we are proud to offer CBM Connect”, said Jason Tranter, CEO and founder of Mobius Institute. “It’s engaging content is geared towards the specific needs of CBM practitioners, whether that be based on technology, application, depth of required knowledge, or preferred media format, CBM Connect offers a focused resource that recognizes their unique requirements.”

To learn more about CBM Connect, visit

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