Why try something new? Huck® Fasteners have the solution

Structural fasteners have been used in many critical joint applications for decades and over this time they have proven their reliability. Available in carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel and marine grade 316 stainless steel there is a structural fastener for every application and material combination.

Many attributes make structural blind fasteners ideal for fastening dissimilar materials. Huck® structural fasteners are available in a variety of diameters, head styles and coatings. They join material through either hole-fill or surface bearing. Hole-filling fasteners ensure holes remain correctly aligned after installation, preventing “sheet creep”. Surface bearing blind fasteners may be used with thin or brittle material or where high tear out loads are required.

“Why try something new, when I know welding and adhesives?” that’s simple…

  • No fumes are emitted in installation.
  • No heat is used.
  • Operator training is simple and does not require certification (for either installation or inspection).
  • A speedy Installation process ensures costs are reduced (saving on time / labour).
  • Surfaces do not have to be cleaned or pre-treated.
  • No de-burring / grinding of the hole surface. Some structural fasteners even include undercut filets on the sleeves ensuring that they seat properly.
  • Vibration resistant joints are less susceptible to cracking as they remain true to their mechanical values.



Structural rivets retain their mandrel after installation. This retention is made possible by the interaction of the mandrel and its sleeve during the installation process. The presence of the mandrel accounts for 60-80% increase in load-carrying ability in shear and tensile over conventional non-structural blind fasteners.


Huck’s structural fasteners range from 3/16” / 4.8mm diameter, up to ½” / 12.7mm; there really is a combination for every application.


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