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Mueller Electric, best known as the inventor of the crocodile clip over 100 years ago, is also a manufacturer of a wide range of connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies, including;

Banana Plugs

Banana Plugs Banana plugs are a single-wire electrical connector used for joining wires to equipment.  A banana plug is a cylindrical pin/plug that has sprung metal “leaves” that bulge outward, though variations on this exist for different applications. The springs produce a snug fit and good connectivity in a socket as well as preventing the pin from falling out. The diameter of the pin is usually 4 mm (which is why it’s also referred to as a 4 mm plug).  The back of the pin is connected to a wire which is screwed, soldered, or crimped into place. Often there is insulating plastic over part of the connector.  These are used at the ends of patch cords for electronic test equipment, speaker wires, and probe leads.

Banana Jacks

A Banana Jack is another word for the female connector that the banana plug is inserted into.  Jacks have different kinds of pins on the front end which allow them to connect or plug into many different electrical items.

Binding Posts

The binding post is also called a “5-way” or “universal” post because there are 5 ways to attach a wire to it. They are a type of wire terminal found on speakers, receivers, and amplifiers as well as test and measurement instruments, high-voltage test equipment and various handheld devices.  Binding posts accept bare wire and four different types of connectors: pin connectors, spade connectors, banana plugs, and dual banana plugs. Banana plugs are inserted into a hole in the back of the binding post.

Dual Plugs & Posts

Dual plugs are simply two plugs together. They are designed for use with amplifiers or speakers that use traditional binding posts.  Dual Binding posts are two posts together – often what a dual plug will plug into.  Dual plugs and posts make it safer to plug in two wires with no chance of stray wire strands creating a short across contacts.

BNC Connectors

BNC connectors—or Bayonet Neill-Concelman—are a common type of RF connector that utilizes BNC cables. Typically, these types of connectors are used with aviation electronics, test equipment, amateur radio antennas and military equipment, but more recently, they have been used in surveillance systems.

SMA Connectors

SMA (Subminiature version A) connectors are semi-precision coaxial RF connectors developed in the 1960s as a minimal connector interface for coaxial cable with a screw-type coupling mechanism.

Alongside a wide range of 700+ connector styles, Mueller manufactures and supplies a wide range of cable assemblies which can be viewed on the Mueller Electric Website.

You can view our full range by visiting our on-line catalogue.

If you don’t see what you need or you have bespoke requirements please get in touch, we have developed and manufactured new solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

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