Mykal have renewed their definitive guide to industrial degreasing with the latest ‘Superior Solutions for Industrial Degreasing’ Catalogue & Website The catalogue & website cover every aspect of industrial degreasing, ranging from simple maintenance products to sophisticated process cleaning solutions and is targeted at the industrial engineering, manufacturing and maintenance sectors.

The range has been re-structured and includes brand new products such as Contractor’s Solvent, Anti-Graffiti Coating, Construction Cleaner & Construction Protector, alongside the top-selling De-Solv-it®. and Aquasolv brands.

The catalogue & website make it easy for users to choose and specify Mykal degreasing products. In addition many Mykal products come with accreditations from the Defence, Aerospace and Automotive markets.

According to Mykal Marketing Manager, Matthew Dent, the new catalogue & website will make it easier than ever before for customers to choose the correct degreasing product for the job:-

“Industrial degreasing is a daily part of life for many businesses in the UK & Europe. The Mykal range can offer degreasing solutions from wet wipes to high-spec degreasers to Special Blends for removing PU and adhesives. This catalogue offers the perfect answer for anyone specifying a new degreasing system or looking to replace hazardous chemicals.”

The catalogue will also appeal to specialist and mainstream distributors by allowing them to respond to common degreasing questions and offers effective and approved products.

To get your copy of the new catalogue, please contact Mykal directly at:-

Tel: 0151 422 1080



Mykal Catalogue 2014 cover

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