netHOST: Connect and Control Fieldbus over Ethernet without PC Card introduce the netHOST: Connect and Control Fieldbus over Ethernet without PC Card Many Industrial PCs are becoming compact and do not have expansion slots.  The netHOST product enables ‘slot-less’ compact Industrial PCs, Laptops or Embedded Systems connectivity to and control of Fieldbus Systems over Ethernet.  Available from Miles Industrial Electronics Ltd

  • Immediately integrated into any LAN network
  • Easily controlled with standard TCP/IP
  • Ideal for compact PC card ‘slot-less’ systems
  • Rapid implementation success with DLL or with driver source code
  • Highest availability in redundancy operations
  • Operates as a Master to PROFIBUS, CANopen and DeviceNet

An open TCP/IP based transport protocol transfers the available services. To enable integration into existing systems a ready-to-use DLL for Windows or a ‘C’-driver toolkit for embedded solutions are provided. Both have the same API as Hilscher have provided for several years for our PC cards and hence making a netHOST an easyto-handle “ Remote PC card for Field Installations“.
100 Bytes process data inputs and outputs are exchanged in about one millisecond. Acyclic services e.g. for Profibus like DPV1, Class 2 Master and FDL are implemented and accessible. With the CAN based netHOST solutions any CAN frame can be sent and received on CAN Layer 2 level.
A fieldbus configuration software is included in the package but your own configuration software may also be used to configure a device using simple XML files, templates are provided. An integratable converter component would then generate the final binary configuration files in the correct format.
Two Ethernet devices can easily be coupled in device redundancy mode which will allow a controlled switch over in the event of a device failure or loss of connection. With a removable SD card, a replacement device can be brought back into operation within seconds with the original configuration image.

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