New Ferrule Opti-Gard™ Solo Rupture Disc From Elfab Provides High Performance Pressure Relief For Ultra-Low Pressure Hygienic Applications

Leading rupture disc manufacturer Elfab has launched Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo, an advanced reverse-acting disc designed for use in hygienic and aseptic applications. Ferrule Opti-Gard™ SoLo enhances the existing Opti-Gard™ range, the most technically advanced rupture disc available on the market since its initial launch in 2003.

Ferrule Opti-Gard™SoLo features a 95 per cent operating ratio and three per cent tolerance, providing the highest performance characteristics available on the market for hygienic and aseptic installations.

Available in a variety of sizes, and suitable with the lowest burst pressure capability on the market, the design is non-fragmenting and capable of supporting vacuum and back pressures. The disc is for installation between tri-clamps and ferrules, and benefits from an uninterrupted surface finish to meet FDA approvals, making it ideal for use in CIP and SIP applications.

The unique design also includes an integral Flo-Tel™+ actuator as standard, offering the added benefit of non-invasive, ATEX- approved rupture detection through the Flo-Tel™+ system.


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