Reducing water and waste water costs “It’s simple when you have the knowledge”

Got a hunch that you are paying too much for your water supply? Frustrated by the lack of clarity over how your water service charges break down? Keen to learn whether you might be due a refund for incorrect billing?

You have come to the right place.

H2O Building Services is the UK’s leading water cost reduction specialist. Since 1997, we have saved commercial customers millions of pounds in excess water supply and waste water charges, working with some of the most high profile companies in the country.

With more than 30 years’ experience in water engineering and consultancy services, our professional team has the expertise to help you reduce your water usage and costs significantly. From site surveys and bill validation through to project management and finance, our mission is to help you reduce your water footprint and save you money from a critical business overhead.

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Professional Water consultants

H2O offers a full end-to-end consultation service on commercial water usage and cost reduction. We are recognised experts in:

Water audits: No matter if you run one site or many, we can give you full visibility as to where and how your business uses water, including auditing your waste water and property drainage charges.

Water bill validation: Once we have the full picture of how your business uses water, we will check your billing history to make sure you have been charged correctly, arranging refunds if you have been overcharged.

Water cost reduction reports: Our specialist consultants are experts at identifying where you can save money on your water bills, as well as highlighting how you can reduce your environmental impact by cutting water use.

On-site solutions

If you want to put our recommendations into practice, we can help change and upgrade your on-site water systems, from arranging project finance to installation. Our services include:

  • Water leak detection
  • Water leak repairs
  • Online flow monitoring – smart metering, or automated meter reading (AMR), a web-based water monitoring system.
  • Water recycling systems, effluent treatment and disposal.
  • Alternative water supplies – abstraction of water from boreholes and rivers.
  • Supply and installation of water-saving devices such as water-saving showers, taps, and urinal flush controls.

How we can help your business

Our expert water consultants can help to:

  •     Lower your water bill
  •     Secure refunds for water supply and waste water overcharging
  •     Provide visibility for how your business uses water
  •     Make billing less complex
  •     Reduce water waste
  •     Boost your green credentials
  •     Find alternative water supply and waste water solutions.

Don’t just take our word for it. Why not read some of our client testimonials and case studies to see real-life examples of how we have helped customers save money and improve water efficiency, and what they have to say about the services we provide.

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