WORLD MACHINERY is focused on the supply of Sheet Metal Working Machinery

Our organization has qualified team members in technical departments to offer our customers innovative and high quality products, as well as solutions to their problems in sheet metal processing.

We also have a very professional international marketing and sales team to offer you our competitive products with excellent assistance at all stages of our co-operation. The products we supply guarantees the customer satisfaction and the success for our business partners
You can visit our showrooms just outside Bridgnorth in Shropshire where we can demonstrate our machines in a production environment.

Bodor i7 Fibre laser
3000 x 1500 IPG Photonics
1 kW £1517/month 2kW £1987/month 3kW £2288/month
4kW £3183/month




Bodor P3015 Fibre Laser
3000 x 1500 Automatic Shuttle Table Automatic Focus Cutting Head Automatic Nozzle Changer
2kW £2132/month 3kW £2478/month 4kw £3781/month
6kW £4121/month


Bodor S Series Fibre Laser 3000 x 1500 or 4000 x 2000
Automatic Shuttle Tables Automatic Focus Chtting Head Automatic Nozzle Changer
4020 6kW £5362/month 4020 8kW £6975/month


Bodor Tube Laser T Series
230 mm Diameter x 6500 mm
1kW £2367/month



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