New Fluke pressure calibration tools

New solutions, new features and functionality, and extended ranges

Fluke has introduced new pressure calibration tools to its extensive range, including new solutions to measurement that were not met previously. Ideal for instrument, process and plant maintenance technicians in the process industries, these tools include the Fluke 719Pro Electric Pressure Calibrator,featuring an on-board electric pump and now offering up to 20bar, the Fluke 721 Dual Range Pressure Calibrator and a host of pressure gauge range additions to the Fluke 700G Pressure Test Gauge Series. All come with a 3-year warranty.

Untitled-1The rugged Fluke 719Pro Electric Pressure Calibrator features a backlit display and offers high accuracy pressure measurements  (with ±0.025% uncertainty) and an onboard electric pump that can generate up to 20bar, eliminating the need for an external hand pump. It also measures, simulates and sources 4-20mA loop current signals (with ±0.015% accuracy) and can measure up to 30V DC. An internal 24V loop power supply can power a transmitter under test, eliminating the need to carry an extra tool. Models are available for 2bar, 10bar and 20bar pressure ranges, with extension possible via optional Fluke 700 Pxx Series Pressure Modules. Precision temperature measurement is also possible with an optional RTD probe, displayed simultaneously with pressure and electrical parameters.

The rugged Fluke 721 Dual Range Pressure Calibrator, with accuracies to ±0.025% Full Scale, provides measurement of static pressure, difference in pressure and (optional) temperature of gas flow. The Fluke 721 is configured by choosing either a 1.1bar or 2.48bar low pressure sensor, together with one from seven high pressure ranges – between 6.9bar and 345bar. It also measures 4-20mA signals, up to 30V DC, and an internal 24V loop power supply will power a transmitter under test. The large backlit display will show two pressure readings and a temperature reading simultaneously. With the addition of an optional RTD temperature probe, the Fluke 721 provides a complete solution for testing flow computers and instruments used in gas flow measurement. External pressure module connection supports all Fluke 700Pxx Pressure Modules to offer further measurement capability.

The rugged Fluke 700G Series offers precision pressure test gauges with pressure measurements now ranging from 20mbar to 690bar and 0.05% accuracy. With this suite of pressure products now available from Fluke, all pressure test needs can be solved with one reliable and accurate line of products when paired with a Fluke PTP-x Hand Pump, a Fluke HTPK Hydraulic Test Pump Kit or a Fluke PTPK Pneumatic Test Pump Kit. Notable new additions include absolute pressure measurement ranges and reference class accuracy gauges (with 0.04% of reading accuracies).

More information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke web site at

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