ZE: 908 Acoustic Interface – integrating noise measurements for industrial settings

Cirrus Environmental, a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of environmental noise monitoring solutions, has developed an acoustic interface, the ZE: 908, which allows users to add a noise measurement capability to existing process control systems. 

The ZE: 908 is a small, lightweight power supply and acoustic conditioning unit for microphone preamplifiers – ideal as a front-end for data logging and analysis systems where a simple and accurate acoustic input is required as an interface between an acoustic transducer and a process monitoring system.

Untitled-1The ZE: 908 can be used alongside process sensors that are strategically placed around industrial plants so that environmental impact and efficiency can be monitored and managed safely in real time. With front panel indicators showing configuration and output status, live noise levels are displayed and stored using the client’s own system software, eliminating the need to install third party software and any associated compatibility or security issues.

The ZE: 908 can be used with the Cirrus MV: 200 microphone preamplifiers and MK: 170 outdoor microphone units. With a choice of output signals including; 4-20mA alongside AC and DC voltage outputs, the ZE: 908 is unlike any other conventional sound level meter.

“This acoustic interface converts noise levels in decibels into an industry standard 4-20mA output, which can be fed directly into a SCADA-type control system,” said Justin Barker, Sales Manager at Cirrus Environmental.

“With its simple mounting and installation we believe the ZE: 908 is ideal for organisations looking for quick deployment of noise measurement. For longer term outdoor noise measurement we would recommend the Cirrus Environmental MK: 427 NoiseSensor as the ideal solution.”

To find out more information please visit: www.cirrus-environmental.com


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