Enduramaxx Cone Bottom Tanks

Enduramaxx Cone Bottom Tanks with a stand are often used in the process environment where 100% drainage is an advantage and to address concerns as to vortexing. The cone bottom base tanks are rotationally moulded from medium density polyethylene. Cone tanks designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity for liquids such as liquid fertilizer and molasses are available as heavy specific gravity for liquids such as liquid fertilizer and molasses and many industrial liquids.

The cone tanks are manufactured with lifting lugs and outlet locations on the base, side and of the tank. Client customisation includes additional bulkheads, welded flanges, vented or non-vented lids etc. to meet the specific needs.

There are advantages of the cone tanks and typical uses include:
• Molasses, liquid feed and liquid fertilizer storage
• Chemical holding & mix tank
• Industrial storage tank and chemical supply tanks
• Industrial mix tank and inductor tanks
• Water treatment and iron removal process from borehole
• Settlement and sludge tank
• Holding tanks, surge tanks and balance tanks

Companies wishing to learn more about the Enduramaxx range of cone bottom tanks should visit www.enduramaxx.co.uk for contact information of contact 01778 562810.

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