Hydra-Cell Mono-Block Pumps Ease Installation & Service

Wanner International has introduced an optional Mono-Block style pump head on its Hydra-Cell G03, G13 and P200 seal-less pump models.

The new Mono-Block pump head combines the traditional valve plate and manifold into a single component, allowing easy access to the cartridge style valve assemblies. The valves are accessed easily without the need to disassemble the pump or disturb the system pipework.

Routine maintenance, valve inspection and, if necessary, replacement, can be carried out quickly and efficiently and causes very little downtime while cutting service and maintenance costs.

A further benefit of the Hydra-Cell with Mono-Block pump head is its ability to prime quickly at slow speeds. Mono-Block pump heads are available in brass or 316 stainless steel. Diaphragms are available in a range of materials from PTFE and Viton to Buna, Neoprene and EPDM, to suit the requirements of the liquid being pumped.

The Mono-Block pump head is reported to be a further improvement to the design superiority and operational excellence of Hydra-Cell pumps.

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