POW-R-QUIK Introduces New Industrial Turbine Starter Series for Diesel Engines

POW-R-QUIK introduced a new edition to their PRQ series of industrial/marine turbine air and gas starters. The new PRQ200i inertia drive and PRQ200p pre-engaged models round out the PRQ series for diesel engines in the 22 liter to 200-liter range. The PRQ200 Series turbine comes in both a right & left-hand rotation to start counter rotating main propulsion engines. There is a low pressure model as well as the standard pressure model. The 200i inertia starter and the 200p pre-engaged model both have the bearing forward of the pinion. An exhaust adaptor allows for direct replacement using certain competitive starter exhaust plumbing; so the inlet is a direct fit in many replacement situations. An optional, unique feature is the SuperTrapp-style muffler that is small in size and doesn’t decrease power.

Untitled-1The POW-R-QUIK starter family offers a full range of turbine and hydraulic starters for a variety of heavy-duty gas, oil, mining and marine applications. The Pow-R-Quik brand is unequaled in the industry in terms of performance, reliability and quality. For more information please contact ESE BV

T: 31- 715173947

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