The new Teseo AP68 aluminium piping expands the AP modular compressed air and fluids transfer system to give a pipework range from 22mm to 68mm OD. The introduction of AP68 with a smooth internal bore diameter of 63mm will flow 1712cfm @ 10 Bar over 30m, equivalent to the flow rates of a 250kw compressor.

AP68 has a maximum working pressure of 15 Bar throughout the range, AP68 multi-fluid has a  maximum working pressure of 25 Bar.

The new Teseo AP68 product is actually 20% lighter than the equivalent Hollow Bar System, with a wall thickness of 2.5mm AP68 has retained the robustness offered by the HBS profile. The four flat surfaces of this high quality, natural aluminium extrusion enables easy installation with a comprehensive range of mounting brackets. The wide range of Teseo straight, angle and flange fittings with Dual-O ring perfect sealing, has been expanded to meet to AP68 product applications.

The smooth inner surface of Teseo extruded aluminium profiles reduces friction of air or fluids flowing inside, minimising the pressure drop and delivering superior flow rates over pipework such as galvanized steel and blue aluminium piping.

All blue aluminium air-line tubing actually slides inside the new Teseo AP & HPS compressed air and fluids piping system clearly showing that the Teseo product has the greater flow rate and capacity.

The Teseo modular aluminium pipework system for the delivery transfer of compressed air, inert gases, fluids and vacuums, features smooth bore, lightweight aluminium extrusions for increased flow and lower pressure drop. A comprehensive range of connectors and adaptors makes the Teseo system the most versatile for fast and efficient installation and subsequent alterations without major down-time. System assembly does not require any threading, welding or painting and the four flat surfaces of the pipework enables easy and safe fixing. Perfect Dual O-ring sealing eliminates air leaks reducing wasteful energy costs. The Teseo product range carries a 20 year warranty.

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Teseo AP68 has smooth internal bore of 63mm

Teseo AP68 aluminium extrusion with four flat surfaces for quick, easy mounting

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