NEW FROM TRESTON! Increase productivity and efficiency with the Treston Tower storage and workstation unit

Have you ever really thought about how much time is wasted as a result of fetching and returning tools, supplies and components between the product under work and a fixed workstation?

For example, if a 10-person team is working 8 hours a day and each person uses 2 minutes for fetching and returning tools 4 times an hour, it results in over 10 hours of wasted time in just a single shift. In a year, this adds up to more than the annual working hours of one person!

Solution: Tools, supplies and components are stored near the product under work in Treston Tower storage and workstation unit that is mobile and can be equipped with a wide range of ergonomic accessories.

The novelty product Treston Tower storage and workstation unit is ideal for, for example, vehicle and machinery assembly lines, service and maintenance departments, and for any work that requires plenty of mobile storage and workspace near the product under work.

  • Up to 8 m2 of versatile storage space and takes up less than 1 m2 of floor space
  • Ideal for facilities implementing LEAN and 5S philosophies because the open structure enables easy and quick visual review of the workstation
  • Increases productivity and efficiency by saving time, since the tools and components are near the product under work and can be moved easily
  • Enables proper ergonomics, since all tools and supplies can be placed at the correct height for the user
  • External dimensions (W x D x H), mm: 860 x 880 x 1960/2105 (with base/wheels)
  • Maximum load capacity 600/1000 kg (with castors/with base)

Equip your workstation with perforated panels and get up to 8 m2 storage space for tools and supplies. Replace the panels with flow-through shelving and stacking bins – now you have a FIFO component storage. Or take both and add a steel shelf, lighting unit and LCD holder to create a workstation that can be used as a tool storage, computer workstation and a small component storage. And no matter which option you choose, tool hooks can always be attached to the side walls of the workstation to enable versatile tool storage.

Take a closer look at this little giant by watching the short animation on our YouTube channel, download our brochure or by reading more from our website.

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