Martindale Electric, trusted by professionals, bring to their ever-increasing family of test instruments two new electrical testers: the ET5 and ET4 for accurate AC and DC current, voltage and electrical continuity testing. Aiming to make testing more convenient for all electrical professionals, the ET5 and ET4 come with a host of features, some of which are unique to these new models.

Unlike many conventional testing products on the market, with the ET5 and ET4 there is no need to open the tester’s jaws; just push the wire down the fork and the tool does the rest for you, for maximum convenience and ease of use. The ET5 can also take k-type thermometer probes, making it an all in one tool for most applications.

Differentiating from other products in the market, both the ET5 and ET4 have dual displays and can indicate volts and amps simultaneously, as opposed to many traditional units where you can only display one or the other. The new testers also come with a bright backlight making the screen much easier to read, especially in poorly lit areas, and the LED light at the top illuminates the work area. Both tools come with auto off function which disables them after 30 minutes of inactivity and auto off function for the screen backlight after approximately one minute to prolong battery life.

Both the ET5 and ET4 are compact in size and easy to carry around.

Competitively priced and with many features, Martindale claims that the ET5 and ET4 will quickly become a valuable part of your daily work routine and won’t be heavy on your pocket either.

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ET5 & ET4

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