NEW MM7010 Bluetooth Logging Thermometer/Print Combo

Do you regularly process goods-in for fresh/frozen food, pharmaceuticals or other temperature-sensitive products?

Are you responsible for temperature data integrity of products delivered to or from your kitchen, factory, warehouse or supermarket?

Would you like to digitally log product temperatures with a handheld device AND produce an instant paper receipt at the same time?

If the answer is YES, YES and YES, you can also make yourself a great saving of nearly £50 when you buy the NEW MM7010 Bluetooth Logging Thermometer Print Combo : 2 pieces of kit – 1 price.

TME’s MM7010PRINT combines a handheld Bluetooth Logging Thermometer MM7010 with a Bluetooth Printer (MMPRINT) delivering digital logging and instant paper receipts at the same time.

Product Details

The MM7010 is a Bluetooth, high accuracy logging thermometer which can store up to 1,000 timed and dated measurements at a time. No more pen and paper recording – just download to your nearest PC, mobile phone or PDA as soon as you’re ready. The MM7010 is supplied complete with Excel compatible software for easy integration with your existing database.

The MM7010 is IP67 waterproof, combined with our waterproof probes, gives you a quality, robust system which can be used in a variety of different settings – from food to pharmaceuticals. For goods-in, delivery and storage, TME recommends:

TME’s new MM7010PRINT bundle combines this powerful thermometer with a compact (35mm) printer. The MMPRINT Bluetooth Printer enables you to produce date, time and temperature measurement receipts on the spot, as you take/supply deliveries. It’s supplied complete with 2 print rolls (which can be supplied separately), charger, data cable and wall/belt mounting kit.

Case Study – Food

In a modern supply chain, the margins for error on food safety are increasingly narrow. Consumers rightly demand the highest standards – yet never before have our goods moved so far and through so many hands.

At every stage – from manufacture to counter – reliable and portable temperature testing is the key to a successful food safety audit. An unidentified temperature problem at point of delivery can result in an unacceptable amount of spoiled stock – or at worst, a dangerous food hazard.

Keeping food at safe temperatures is not enough. Modern standards require proof throughout the manufacture, transport and delivery process. This is a huge challenge for the food industry, as anyone acquainted with the sheer volume of food standards and regulations like HACCP will testify.

TME was the first thermometer company worldwide to offer a comprehensive Bluetooth Thermometer range, and now this UK manufacturer is still at the forefront, offering a money-saving Bluetooth Thermometer/Printer Combo that will enhance your product reliability.

Managing Director, Tom Sensier: “High product safety requires high standards in thermometry, and the British temperature test industry is constantly evolving to keep ahead of the curve. That’s where TME delivers with great value, high performing solutions like the MM7010PRINT – because we know that in a competitive world the integrity of your product isn’t just important it’s vital.”

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