Read all about the latest advances in Imaging Cameras

Quantum Design launch a new Imaging magazine – jam packed with application notes, articles and case studies from their partners plus a free to enter Competition !

Read all about the latest advances in Imaging Cameras

Quantum Design UK and Ireland have recently launched their first bumper issue of their new Imaging Cameras magazine, drawing on case studies, articles and applications notes from some of the leading manufacturers that they represent.

With a foreword by their new Camera Sales Engineer, Luke Nicholls, other highlights of the magazine include:

Advancing Geology with Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imagery is a powerful technology to locate minerals that are exposed or weathered in areas of residual soil.  The foremost airborne application of hyperspectral imagery provides mineral mapping  for  exploration  clients  in  the  mining, oil, gas, and geothermal sectors over large and often remote and inaccessible areas.

Avoiding Contamination in the Food Industry

Strelen   Control   Systems   GmbH   uses   a hyperspectral   camera   from   the   Finnish manufacturer     Specim     to     check     nuts before   processed   in   the   food   industry.  Hyperspectral   cameras   work   on   a   different principle  and  analyse  a  recording  spectrum  of up  to  250  spectral  bands  in  the  wavelength range   from   the   visible   to   the   near-infrared range.   This   allows   individual   spectra   of   the light    to    be    recognised.    On    this    basis,    a hyperspectral  system  can  distinguish  whether the  same  shade  of  brown  is  created  from  one or more super imposed wavelength

Infrared Cameras for Temperature Scanning in the Fight Against Covid-19

InfraTec infrared cameras can be used for a corresponding elevated body   temperature   scanning   of  passengers, employee  scanning  and  workplace  entrance  screening. Certainly,  thermographic  cameras  can  neither  detect  the virus itself nor a person carrying the virus!  However,  these  cameras  enable  the  precise  non-reactive, contactless  and  planar  recording  of  surface  temperatures while   using   the   technical   temperature   measurement technology known as thermography.

SWIR Cameras for Telecommunications Applications

Photonics engineers at Chromosol were able to use Raptor Photonics’ Owl 640 N low noise SWIR camera  to  successfully  assess  their  photonic waveguide  structures

Streak Cameras in Action (videos)

A streak image is like a graph of one dimension of space over time. A streak camera captures a thin line of image information   continuously   at   very   fast   rates.   Cordin offers  streak  cameras  using  rotating  mirror  and  image converter  technologies

Thermography for Optimisation of Installed Wind Turbines

For  several  years  now,  thermography  has  been  a valuable  tool  for  investigating  the  boundary  layer behaviour  on  air  foils  in  order  to  aerodynamically optimise  it.  It  makes  use  of  the  fact  that  the  heat transfer    resistance    of    the    boundary    layer    is significantly    lower    in    turbulent    flow    than    in laminar flow.

Remote sensing of Vegetation using SWIR cameras on a UAV

Raptor Photonics has recently published an Application Note showing how reflectance  spectroscopy  methods  using  drone  based  remote  sensing systems  are  now  being  used  to  derive  well-established  vegetation  indices (VIs) more efficiently than biomass sampling.

Aerial Thermography

Fire mapping  from  a  helicopter  offers  a  unique elevated  perspective  on  remote  fires  to  those who    have    to    organise    firefighting    ground activities. For this, Highland Helicopters uses the LWIR  thermal  imaging  camera  VarioCAM®  HD head  from InfraTec,  integrated  into  a  GIMBAL system outside the helicopter.

And much, much more….

Download your free copy of the magazine

Plus, there’s information on a newly launched Imaging Competition #HappyToBeBackInTheLabQD – a fun and easy Twitter photo competition

Send in your happiest photo of you back in the lab – with or without colleagues. Four great prizes are up for grabs – top prize a Thermal Imaging Camera (Seek Thermal CompactPro). Full details, how to enter and Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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