NEW: PatBase Analytics V2.0

Driving innovation is central to the ethos of Minesoft, a patent solutions provider for the intellectual property industry. With over 80% of the technological and scientific information available in patents inaccessible anywhere else, ignoring patents as an information source at best delays innovation and at worst, prevents it.

To convert this information into actionable competitive and business intelligence Minesoft has launched a brand new patent analysis platform, PatBase Analytics V2.0. This new module offers analytics on up to 250,000 records with the availability of 3-dimensional analysis. Users are provided with a bird’s-eye view of market trends, key competitors, potential business partners and licensing opportunities. Create visually appealing reports to communicate the results clearly for decision-makers in a boardroom environment.

Discover where the white space is in areas of interest with our intuitive 2D and 3D landscaping tools! Up to 5000 families can be rendered in either a heat map or topological view with relationships within your dataset visualised using keyword cluster analysis to group documents together using common terms in their full text content.

The interface and design has been updated, granting users access to a range of colours and design schemes with the option to insert your own company logo into the chart viewer for sharing with colleagues and clients.

Sharing with clients and colleagues has never been easier thanks to the implementation of an Analytics viewer. Users can share charts easily with specific recipients; a new “Note” feature allows users to add descriptions or comments to the data, which will be shared alongside the chart – so you can quickly add your expertise.

Minesoft Solutions can transform the way you work.

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