New range of servo gear reducers for Automation Applications

With automation and motion control applications outpacing many standard and traditional application, choosing the right gearbox to fulfil the needs of these applications is becoming more important. It is estimated that by 2016 the annual sales of automation products globally will reach 2.0 million units.

In order to keep pace with developments in this market segment, Rossi SpA have recently launched their new SR13 and SM09 range of Servo Gear reducers which is comprised of worm, coaxial, helical and helical bevel servo units as well as low backlash planetary servo. Based in Modena (Italy), Rossi Spa is one of the largest industrial companies established, for the production and sales of gear reducers, gear motors and standard and electric brake motors and offer a 3 year warranty as standard on all product produced by Rossi Spa. (warranty subject to terms and conditions)

Fundemental to the SR13 & SM09 designs was the need to couple Rossi’s gearbox range with products from the majority of servo motor manufacturers availible today and this has been achieved through the inclusion of a bell housing and axially fastened hub clamp. Together these two elements now allow Rossi to provide a gearbox product to be packaged with all of the most important servo motor brands on the market today. Rossi’s design of hub clamp can also allow the use of servo motors without key adding even more flexibility to its range.

Rossi’s new servo range has been designed to incorporate maximum torsional stiffness and minimum angular backlash, through the use of a monolithic cast iron casing and precision manufactured gears. The range has also been designed for high torque values as well as accommodating high radial and axial loads on the output shaft of the gearbox. This new range is the result of over sixty years of experience in gear reducers and gear motor production featuring superior performance in reliability and strength. 


The new automation range from Rossi is characterised by its ability to accept high input speeds typical of those found when using servo motors, these speeds can be anything up to 3550 rpm for a S5 60% duty cycle. The SR13 range is designed for torque ratings of MA2 ≤ 3000Nm and a Maximum backlash ≤ 7 arc min. The SR13 coaxial range has a torque ratings of MA2 ≤ 4000Nm with a Maximum backlash ≤ 10 arc min

Together with the release of this product Rossi has invested in selection software, available through the Rossi Solutions platform, which details technical specifications for individually selected units and can also provide 2D/3D drawings to be incorporated in the offering specific to each application..

 Rossi has a highly skilled specialist team that includes industry segment managers providing customers with the right technical and commercial support to meet our customers’ requirements. Untitled


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