Precision Eforming produces a full line of electroformed nickel mesh.

The material is available in the following specifications: from 5 wires per inch to 2,000 wires per inch, from 1% transmission to 95% transmission, thickness from 3 microns to 250 microns, sheet sizes up to 22 inches square, standard openings are square but can be custom made slotted, round, or rectangular, in any designable geometry, 99.98% pure nickel, can be flashed with Gold or Copper and also can be black nickel coated.

Some uses would be for medical materials, suppression grids, mass spectroscopy, UV filters, quantum efficiency and ultra violet detectors. The material can also be offered in sheets, not attached to a conductive frame.

Precision Eforming has developed a method to fuse nickel mesh to any conductive metal frame.  Our proprietary process allows us to bond our mesh products without the use of adhesives, epoxies or welds of any kind, eliminating contamination issues and material compatibility concerns.  Some benefits are introducing no epoxies, adhesives or foreign materials, produces a tightly stretched screen, mesh is produced to specific transmissions & thicknesses and can be flashed with gold, copper or nickel.



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