Redbacks Cushioning Limited, the manufacturers of the World’s only ‘leaf-spring’, non-foam or gel kneepads has introduced a new shell strapped product as an alternative to its big selling version for pocketed work trousers.

With the design overseen by Consultant Clinical Scientist and Biomedical Engineer, Chris Ramsden, and called ‘The Redbacks Shell Strapped Kneepad’, the new product features the company’s award winning cushioning technology which incorporates a soft and flexible TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) leaf-spring set within a unique honeycomb matrix.

The hard face is a semi-transparent, penetration resistant, protective shell which has a flat spot to prevent rocking or instability with smooth sides to allow for ease of movement without causing the kneepad to shift or dislodge.

Low profile ‘hook & loop’ fastenings which are resistant to dust and particle build-up fix the waterproof-coated nylon hinged-top and calf straps; this further ensures that the kneepads stay comfortably in the correct position when kneeling, walking or sitting; the design of the kneepads also reduce the impact forces associated with kneeling which protects against back and neck pain.

Fabrics have been carefully selected to ensure the knee pads remain completely breathable and temperature regulating, non-absorbent to moisture, durable and hardwearing in the most aggressive of environments whilst affording the user unrivalled, all-day comfort and long term protection.

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