New Tool for Absolute Temperature Measurement Introduced by k-Space

k-Space Associates, Inc., leaders in thin film characterization products, announces the worldwide release of its newest product, kSA SpectraTemp, a unique, self-calibrating absolute source temperature measurement tool.

k-Space CEO, Darryl Barlett, commented, “Absolute temperature is a very difficult parameter to measure.  With kSA SpectraTemp, if the source radiation is blackbody-like, an absolute temperature is instantly determined.”

kSA SpectraTemp is a non-contact, optically-based technique for measuring the temperature of metals, ceramics, semiconductor wafers, and much more.  It is based on patented technology that analyzes the spectral radiation profile utilizing a solid-state spectrometer, resulting in fast data acquisition and real-time temperature measurement. The user simply reads the temperature from the screen.

As production facilities and researchers adopt this technology and gain better temperature control, yield, quality, and development time will improve.

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