New website at

Level and pressure instrumentation at the click of a mouse. The new website has now been launched, adding further customer enhancements to application advice, instrument selection, quotation requests and bespoke drawings. It features 3D animations for industries such as Chemical, Water and Energy production, with even more to follow.

To find what you need fast, it also features a powerful search bar and a simpler to use application and instrument selector, which helps you with your choices. Quick overviews of products and configurations are simpler to follow, along with categories like industries, technologies, news and events all designed and tested to make your UX better. While  there, why not take a few moments to register with myVEGA and get so much more! It offers configurations and drawings of your instruments, ‘live’ build times, quotation requests and see all your direct sales contacts. Once you have chosen a product get 2D and 3D drawings of your bespoke designs e-mailed within minutes (all the main formats). See order history, stored PIN’s for your Bluetooth sensors and delivery tracking. Go to for more information.

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