Novālent Offers a Safe and Long-Lasting Technology to Protect Against Bacteria and Viruses

Novālent® bonding antimicrobial slashes microbial loads and improves cleaning efficiency in high-care zones throughout the manufacturing process.

The company has pioneered the development of long-lasting technology to protect against bacteria and viruses. It is a safe way to prevent virus and pathogen growth from your front office to your line.

Novālent’s technology is based on a patented, non-toxic monomolecular layer that continuously kills germs for up to 30 days on surfaces and up to 24 hours on human skin after application.

The technology is for use as a residual antimicrobial under EPA and FDA regulations to preserve contact surfaces – including those used in food processing — and is used by leading firms including PepsiCo, Sabra, and Pilgrims.

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