Oil-free Compressor Cuts Cost of Ownership By 30%

BOGE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance compressors, has launched an innovative new oil-free Class 0 system that cuts total cost of ownership by up to 30%.

Called the LPT150, the new compressor is designed for all applications requiring a continuous supply of air at pressures up to 4 bar and has the added advantage of being smaller, lighter and quieter than competing machines.

The LPT150 utilises BOGE’s latest turbo technology. At the heart of the new compressor is a compact permanent magnet motor, with a central rotor suspended on self-stabilising air foil bearings, with precision balanced titanium impellers mounted at each end of the rotor.

This, arrangement allows air to be drawn in via an intake funnel and specially-designed spiral casing and thus to be boosted in stages to reach operating pressures quickly and efficiently, with minimal energy losses due to friction between moving parts.

With only a small number of moving parts, the LPT150 is extremely efficient, minimising energy consumption, and is virtually maintenance-free, helping to reduce total cost of ownership.

The turbo technology is compact and relatively lightweight, enabling the new compressor to be up to 30% smaller and lighter than comparable oil-free machines. In addition, noise levels are far lower, typically 63 d(B)A – by comparison a traditional oil-free compressor runs at around 80 d(B)A.

Control is provided by BOGE’s latest modular touch screen system. This allows up to four compressors to be controlled simultaneously from a single unit and, if required, connection to a network for remote monitoring and diagnostics.

The new LPT150 oil-free compressor is designed to produce a continuous flow of air at pressures between two and four bar. This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications in the food and drinks, medical, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors.

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