Component Leadtime update

If you haven’t seen it yet, you will.
Lead times on MLCC and Resistors are going out, along with mounting prices! To understand why, we would need to look at so many mixed factors and still not get to the bottom of it, it is almost pointless, as we cannot change the facts and can spend a lot of valuable time trying.

All is not lost.
VTM UK has been talking to its closest partners to find the best options available to us.
This has meant some tough choices have needed to be made. Although we will always quote a specific manufacture if requested, we will focus just on 2 to keep the best lead times and prices possible.

Simple and sweet.
Below you will find some basic information on one of our best MLCC manufacturers and one of our very supportive resistor manufacturers. The lead times mentioned are real but can change, but we think going forward both offer very good options and may just get our customers out of some very deep holes.

Chip and Leaded Resistors

Standard lead times:
0402 to 1206 currently 20-22 wks
1210 to 2512 currently 16-18 wks



MLCC Chip Cap’s

Standard Lead time:
0402 to 3035 currently 4-5 wks

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