Nordson EFD fluid spray systems reduce costs and downtime

Nordson EFD’s MicroMark® precision spray marking systems produce neat, consistent spots and stripes from 3,3 to 30 mm wide without overspray or clogging. Designed for reliability and low maintenance, the MicroMark systems dramatically reduce downtime on automated and semi automated production lines.

Based on EFD’s proven Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) precision spray technology, the MicroMark valves provide fast, controlled application of a wide range of marking materials.The system’s high transfer efficiency and quick cutoff improve part appearance and keep work areas clean. A short microburst of air after each shot keeps the nozzle from clogging and reduces maintenance. The valve spray nozzle defines the pattern of the spray – the 787MS valve enables 3,3 to 5mm sprays, where the 781S-SS valve allows round or oval shaped covers from 5 to 30mm.

The MicroMark system includes a microprocessor-based controller that simplifies system setup and operation. The controller can be easily interfaced with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) if desired. Ink or paint is supplied from a fluid reservoir with a constant-bleed air regulator that prevents fluctuations in fluid pressure.

Applications at which the MicroMark excels include color-coding to differentiate between similar components, indicating pass/fail status, and showing whether a specific process has been performed.

By increasing productivity, improving quality and reducing costs, in most production environments a pay-back period of less than a half year is likely, depending on product and part numbers.

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