Hydra-Cell® Pumps in Oxygen Scavenging

Following site trials pumping aggressive oxygen scavenging chemicals, Occidental Petroleum in Oman has approved Hydra-Cell pumps, from Wanner International, for use in one of their most demanding applications.

Dissolved oxygen in injection water can cause destructive oxygen corrosion to metal pipes and process equipment. By-products of this corrosion form sludges that cause plugging and blockages. This oxygen is generally removed through the introduction of oxygen scavenging chemicals into the high-pressure stream.

Oxygen scavenging chemicals such as sodium and ammonium bisulfites are renown for damaging pumps. Occidental Petroleum had trialled several types of pumps and all were found wanting, the majority springing leaks through dynamic seals in a matter of days or weeks. A Hydra-Cell P200 with mechanical speed control has however solved the problem. The seal-less design of this multi-diaphragm pump removed the leakage problem completely, reducing downtime and eliminating seal maintenance at a stroke.

OXY engineers were also impressed by the Hydra-Cell’s small footprint, its ability to handle particulates without damage and its ability to run dry indefinitely. The Hydra-Cell P200 pump has successfully completed the rigorous trial period and is now officially approved by Occidental Petroleum for this application.

P200 Monoblock HC manual adjust sm

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