One Call is all it took

Since the launch of our One Call VSD Contract we have been amazed by its popularity and the number of clients that have deemed this the perfect solution for their business.

Our One Call Contract provides 24/7 technical telephone support, 24/7 emergency call out and a guaranteed first visit fix on all manufacturers’ equipment for just £2.59 per day – the ideal solution for:

  • Sites that have several VSDs that do not warrant regular maintenance – however, any down time due to VSD faults is detrimental to their process
  • Sites that have an experienced VSD maintenance team to carry out regular checks, but want the peace of mind of 24/7 365 break down cover and a guaranteed first visit fix in case of emergency

The problem

One customer recently contacted Quantum to discuss the maintenance of their existing and aging fleet of VSDs. The customer was in the process of replacing this equipment, however the site in question was a large power station and the replacement process was set to take several months to complete, with specifications, budget approval, tender evaluation and supply and installation time to consider.

They wanted to discuss what we could do to give them the security they needed to maintain the plants operation, whilst not wanting to do maintenance on or make investments in the old assets that were to shortly be replaced.

The solution

After a brief discussion, we established that our One Call Contract was a perfect fit for them. It provided them with all the coverage they needed, with 24/7 call out, access to our large rental fleet for short and long term applications if needed, 24/7 technical support from our engineers on their existing assets, and no large maintenance bills for the assets due to be replaced. At just £947 net for 12 months, it was just what they were looking for to cover their assets during the replacement process.

The contract was taken out same day, and so far we have not had to be called out to site. However we have supported them with an asset list of their current equipment, technical support in selecting the replacement units, and budget costings for the supply, installation and commissioning of the new equipment to aid their funding proposal.

Could this be for you?

This is just one of the many examples we have so far where a customer has expressed that our One Call Contract gives them the cover they need in the exact areas they need it.

We now have 30+ staff in our Service Department, with 21 Drive Service Engineers located throughout the UK. Whether you currently don’t have a Drives Service Contract in place and need to – or you already have a level of support from a local supplier but want every VSD on your whole site covered no matter make, type or power rating. Our Service Team can provide the cover you and your drives need, from just £2.49 a day. For more information contact or call us on 0330 9000 247.

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