‘Integrated Solutions’ a range of modular plug & play packages for the food & drink industry

Food and Drink manufacturers are always under pressure to keep costs down, while ensuring that their products comply with a raft of regulations. Many small / medium sized food manufacturers do not have the resources of the large global companies in this sector. This has become even more paramount during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as considering processes which include automation.

Food manufacture is still a labour-intensive process for many and in a climate where access to cheaper migrant labour is going to be restricted more & more, there is a need for cost effective equipment that can provide tangible cost savings in food manufacturing.

With over 30 years supplying hygienic fluid handlings components to the industry, HpE fully understand the process industry & its requirements. The team is very experienced and are able to interpret customer requirements before supplying equipment that fits.

HpE Process are well known in the industry as a supplier of hygienic Valves, Tube, Fittings, Pumps, Manways and Tank Equipment, they provide real cost effective and practical solutions, they know the demands of the industry and what it means for their customers to meet processing standards and achieve sustainable production.

Their ‘Integrated Solutions’ – a range of modular plug & play packages for customers to add to their factory processes. With equipment covering 3 key areas, they have a solution that will give flexibility across the industry:

CIP Sets (Clean-In-Place) – mobile and skid mounted

Hygiene is a crucial part of food processing, incorrect cleaning can lead to loss of production, poor product quality or product contamination leading to product recall. It is important to make Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) simple, easy and suitable for any business size, with that in mind, HpE are able to offer ready to use units which when delivered to site can be plugged in and can be ready to use immediately.

Offering small single tank CIP trolleys to Skid mounted 3 tank CIP Units, with the options for automation, chemical dosing injection and data logging – in the food industry it is it important to demonstrate that the CIP has been done, data logging collates information such as temperature, cleaning times and chemical concentration.

Pigging / Product Recovery

HpE have their own Premisphere system & work with innovative industry specialists to offer 3 distinct systems, each with its own key features. This allows HpE to select the most suitable equipment for each individual process. All systems are suitable for CIP, with EHEDG / 3A approval as an option – something that no other hygienic pigging system supplier can offer.

HpE can deliver systems from simple manually operated to fully automatic with plc control that can be linked to factory SCADA systems.

They provide independent advice and un-biased technical support at the all-important enquiry stage for your project as well as be on site for commissioning and always available for advice and after-sales backup for the life of your investment with tangible payback.


HpE Process, as the name suggests, understand food processing. For many years they have been leading stockists of hygienic pumps, valves & tank equipment.

The new range includes:-

Equipment for mixing – from small table top powder/liquid mixing trolleys to batch mixing skids including tanks and control panels & cleaning equipment. These are perfect for prototyping small batch production.

Experienced engineers are able to fabricate components in-house from brewery equipment such as yeast culture vessels and small-scale Distillation & Fermentation vessels, to fully GMP compliant Biotech ferments.

The packaged pasteurisation solutions include small scale electric pasteurisation units up to large HTST pasteurisation skids.

HpE is the sole UK distributor for Evoguard, who are a wholly owned subsidiary of Krones AG.  Evoguard offer state-of-the-art mixproof & single seat valve technology as well as hygienic pumps featuring “best-in-class” efficiencies. Evoguard mixproof valve manifolds are deigned (as you would expect) to be products that are cost effective, easy to use & work on and include a level of attention to detail that no other valve manufacturer can offer. Every manifold is designed with expansion compensation to reduce stresses from expansion/contraction, each drain point is fitted with a splash guard (not just a pipe pointing at the floor!) and walk-ways are incorporated to ensure that each valve in the manifold is accessible for servicing.  All are manufactured in accordance with stringent quality & design guidelines and are reliable.

HpE Process break to the mould of your typical hygienic components supplier, they are able to use their strengths to give the industry competitively priced solutions with tangible paybacks.

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