Online Continuous TOC/TC/COD* analyser from Metrohm Process Analytics.

Designed from the start with simple maintenance requirements and Robust TOC measurement.

Considering the multitude of organic compounds in water, it is practically impossible to identify and determine each of these compounds. Continuous online measurement of the TOC is the optimum solution for monitoring impurities, contaminations, and seepage outputs.

The 7010 TOC Analyser measures total organic carbon in liquid samples using the UV persulfate oxidation method with subsequent carbon dioxide detection by nondispersive infrared absorption (NDIR).

The analyser can measure TOC in liquid samples ranging from 0–5 mg/L to 20,000 mg/L. The method conforms to EPA, DIN, CE, ASTM, and NAMUR regulations as well as meeting the requirements of ISO and EN directives.

Whatever your industry or water sample type, Metrohm Process Analytics have a solution for you.

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*COD by derivative

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