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PhoenixTM Ltd designs and manufactures ‘thru-process’ temperature monitoring systems for use in the heat treatment industry. Providing solutions for various industrial sectors including heat treatment of metals and finished products, industrial paint and powder coating and food processing. Protected by a thermal barrier, the data logger travels through the process with thermocouples measuring the product and or oven environmental temperature. A historic temperature record (Profile graph or TUS) is collected which then can be analysed using Industry specific software.  

Measuring the product temperature, throughout the heating process, is invaluable to confidently discover whether the product is heat treated correctly to give it the critical physical and cosmetic properties expected from the specific process and to optimise the process conditions.

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PhoenixTM ‘Thru-Process’ Datalogger Range

Dataloggers can be provided in a variety of configurations to suit the specific demands of the process being monitored. Models ranging from 6 to 20 channels with a variety of thermocouple options (types K, N, R, S, B) to suit measurement temperature and accuracy demands (AMS2750 & CQI-9) are available. Provided with Bluetooth wireless connection for short range localised download and reset the logger memory of 3.8M allows even the longest processes to be measured with highest resolution.  An optional unique 2-way telemetry package offers live real time logger control and process monitoring.


Thermal View Analysis Software – Converting data to meaningful information

Collecting the process temperature data is only part of the story. To interpret the raw data PhoenixTM have developed a family of software solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of specific markets and applications.  The Thermal View software range allows review, analysis and reporting using industry specific tools with ease and efficiency. Whether product profiling or performing a temperature uniformity survey (TUS to either CQI-9 or AMS2750E) the software allows easy generation of fully certified and traceable process validation reports.


PhoenixTM Thermal Barriers – Application Solutions

Passing the data logger through any thermal process requires the use of a protective enclosure ‘thermal barrier’ to ensure safe, accurate temperature measurement. PhoenixTM offer a comprehensive range of thermal barriers to meet the specific application needs. Even if not a standard product offering, the experienced design and engineering team at PhoenixTM can provide bespoke technical solutions to order.


HTS02 Low Pressure Carburizing and Vacuum Batch Heat Treating

To meet the demands of high temperature carburizing with both high temperatures and 20 bar gas pressure quench the HTS02 barrier range is strengthened and reinforced at critical points to minimize distortion and extend system life. Optional quench deflectors are available to protect the system in high pressure quench systems. Ideal for either product profiling or performing a temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) to comply with CQI-9 or AMS2750E.





HTS06 Aluminium Solution Reheat (T6)

Built for solution treatment quench and age hardening of aluminium automotive parts such as alloy wheels. Providing significant thermal protection, the outer cage containing the thermal insulation blanket wrapped insulated water tank, is capable of running continuously through all three processes without interruption. In the quench the water tank is replenished and the blanket will absorb water providing further protection during the age hardening process. The TS06 can provide protection at 550 °C/1022 °F for up to 20 hours.



HTS12 Carburizing with Integrated Oil Quench

The unique HTS12 system has been designed to meet the demands of continuous carburizing with an integrated oil quench. Commonly used for heat treating of automotive parts such as gears etc monitoring of the process is critical to prevent part distortion and ensure carbon diffusion is performed to specification. The unique two-part insulation system, comprising of sealed inner thermal barrier and outer sacrificial insulation layers, enables the system to pass through both furnace and oil quench tank allowing full monitoring of heating and cooling cycles.


HTS07 Slab, Billet & Mini Mill Reheat

The TS07 was specifically developed for reheat processes in the steel industry where temperature data from deep inside the slab or billet is required. Manufactured using graded insulation layers and an evaporative inner water tank barrier the barrier provides protection up to 1350 °C/2462 °F for extended periods. Critically used to prove accurate thermal balance in the process and slab, from up to 20 measurement points. Such information is helpful for setting up and validating furnace control programs.




HTS57 Aluminium Log Homogenisation (Walking Beam Furnace)

After casting, aluminium logs are homogenised before being supplied to extrusion companies. The walking beam process is demanding not only due to the excessive durations (12 to 13 hours at 580 °C/1076°F) but the fact that the profiling system has to rotate with the log and therefore needs to be the same form as the log with the same diameter or less. The PhoenixTM rotating cylindrical barrier design meets the demands of the process perfectly. Design of the barrier water tank, providing thermal protection, guarantees that water capacity is maximized with no loss of water during continuous process rotation.




FIS04 Finishing system for use in the Industrial Paint and Powder Coating markets

The Finishing system is designed specifically for monitoring paint and powder coating oven processes used in the automotive and industrial markets. Ideal for both applicator and coating supplier to ensure physical and cosmetic coating properties are achieved. Robust, easy to use and supplied with customized software and clip/magnetic thermocouples designed for easy accurate attachment.



FOS14 Food Thermal Process Monitoring System

The Food system is designed specifically for the demands of the food cook/chill market. A range of IP67 barriers allow confident protection from heat, steam and water allowing monitoring of the complete cook, chill, and freeze processes. Supplied with Thermal View food software, HACCP compliance ‘food safety’ can be proven with compressive analysis suite including micro-organism lethality calculations.



Employ the PhoenixTM system to Understand, Control, Optimize and Certify your Furnace/Oven process to ensure product quality, process operation efficiency and regulatory compliance.

To maximize the potential of your Industrial Thermal Process, contact PhoenixTM today.





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