Diamond HMI introduces Custom Piezo Keypads

Diamond HMI, the custom Interface division of Diamond Electronics Ltd, has signed an agreement to act exclusively for ALGRA AG promoting their custom Piezo Keypad technology in the UK market. Piezo keypads are Force Sensing rather than Touch sensing devices and use integrated Piezo elements to sense very small deformations of a facia panel.

The signals produced by the element can be sensed and enhanced using ALGRA’s own custom ASIC connected directly to a customer’s electronic system. One major advantage of this technology is that keys can be used with gloved hands and where the keypad facia is contaminated by liquids making it ideal for environments where other touch technologies can fail to respond.

ALGRA’s custom Piezo keypad facias can be manufactured from many materials including Aluminium, Stainless Steel, various plastics and glass which allows designers new opportunities to create very attractive and innovative interface ideas. Using their latest patented DYNASIM® process, which prints the piezo sensing elements and circuit tracks in one automated process, ALGRA Piezo keypad technology can now be applied to easily to curved keypad designs.

Due to the level of automation used during the manufacture of DYNASIM® keypads they are ideal for higher volume applications. Alternatively for lower volume projects ALGRA also utilises its own patented DYNAPIC® system which places individual Piezo elements directly onto the surface of the printed Electronic Circuit.

ALGRA have developed new light engineering techniques allowing full LED illumination of Piezo keypads to further increase their usability in low light applications or where the aesthetics of the product require a creative illuminated solution.

Due to the sealed construction of Piezo keypads and the fact that they have no moving parts, they are ideal for applications requiring hi reliability and where regular cleansing is required. These include medical instruments, food processing and agricultural machines. Using a metal facia plate as part of the design produces a ruggedized keypad ideal for Access Control markets and other harsh environments.

As well as being the world leader in Piezo Keypad technology ALGRA are vastly experienced in processing and digitally printing on Aluminium. These skills have allowed them to produce innovative keypad designs for high end HiFi and Home Automation systems.

Diamond HMI design and manufacture custom interface solutions using Silicone Rubber keypads, Membrane keyboards, Capacitive switch solutions and their own CombiKey ® keypad technology. With all technologies available from one source Diamond HMI can help you to choose the correct product for your application.

Visit Website: www.diamondhmi.co.uk

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