Programmable electric actuators get IP6x rating

Electric moving coil actuators from SMAC are designed to replace pneumatic cylinders in applications where high speed, long life and precise control of force and position are required. In order to target industries with harsh environmental conditions, SMAC can now supply certain models with IP65 and IP67 ratings, with IP69K in development. Of course, these units still offer the same unique features that make SMAC actuators stand out from more traditional technologies.

Fast response: Direct-drive linear motors and low friction/stiction mean almost instant and extremely repeatable response to a command input. No more slowing your whole production line down because one particular actuator is a bit sluggish on its first few cycles.

Long life: Due to careful design to minimise contacting parts, we have units in the field still going strong after more than half-a-billion cycles.

Low noise: Motion profiles, controlled by closed-loop linear encoders, slow the unit to a gentle stop rather than banging into limit switches, so vibration is dramatically reduced. Also, no air means no exhaust noise.

Low power consumption: Most units consume less than 3A (peak) at 48VDC, so average power consumption is usually less than 100W even in high duty cycle applications.

Fully programmable: Every aspect of the motion profile is fully and freely programmable. Control force output down to a few grams. Set an unlimited number of target positions within the stroke. Optimise acceleration to reduce vibration. Move to position with any speed.

ORLIN Technologies Ltd is the UK Technical Distributor for SMAC. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise what advantages SMAC actuators will bring to your application.

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