Powder Flow Measurements – The Revolution

Powder flow property measurements generally fall into two main categories: dynamic analysis and static analysis. Dynamic instruments measure powder flow properties as the test material is moving or is about to move. Static instruments measure powder that is not moving and typically has been exposed to pressure. For a complete picture of a material’s flow behavior, both types of testers are required. For solving specific flow problems, usually one type of tester or test is required.The Revolution Powder Analyzer can measure your powder’s ability to flow, consolidate, granulate, cake, pack and fluidize by measuring the power, time and variances in power of your powder in a rotating drum. This data can be used to quantify your powder’s particle behavior during process applications such as blending, tableting, mixing and transportation. The Revolution is both easy to load and automatic, eliminating the opportunity for human error. Caking, Flowability, Fluidization, Granulation, Multi-Flow and Packing parameters can all be measured quickly and easily.



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