Power Continuity can design the ideal smart off-gird SOLAR PV system combined with Battery Energy Storage and Gas Generator that make economic sense combined with serious environmental benefits. Our Energy Management interface increases both efficiency as well as business security.


Electrical supply isn’t stable anymore and costs are no longer predictable

The remedy is a Stand-alone Power Continuity SOLAR PV Energy System.
Commercial investment that keeps on paying back today and for decades to come reducing your carbon footprint.
Whether the whole roof, spare land, or ancillary buildings we can install across your estate and use, the useable areas to provide power security.


Power Continuity has over 30 years design experience installing bespoke power protection system for any business-critical site, and that includes dedicated renewable energy systems.

Fact –

Industrial solar panels are suitable for distribution centres, data centres, warehouses, factories, and large office block roofs anywhere in the UK.

Power Continuity designs and installs the most ideal solar PV system for your business-critical site. We have the experience and expertise to design, install and maintain your OFF-GRID solar PV green power system.


Battery storage systems make it possible to store any surplus solar PV energy produced during the day. Then at a peak time periods, it can be used to supplement your site load. Load Peak Lopping. Automatically, programmable. Green stored power at your fingertips.

Power Continuity can design the BESS system to ‘kick in’ to add extra electricity to your site during the peak periods, when your mains supply costs per unit, are at their highest. e.g. 9-11 am or 5-7pm.


Renewable energy storage increases your bottom line. Profits increase.

Powered by either Solar PV or over night GRID power, not only saving your company hundreds of thousands of pounds every year, as well as controlling you total site costs. REAL Power Continuity.

SMART OFF GRID GAS Generator installations

LPG Gas Generators

Low running costs

Low emissions

Much lower cost than Diesel

POWER CONTROL with visible the cost benefits

SECURITY- Resilient energy systems that aren’t dependent on the GRID

OFF GRID -LPG can be your primary power source for your business

Flexibility with resilience.


Power Continuity provides Critical Power Solutions for all mission critical business operations that require absolutely 100% Total NO Break Power uninterruptible power protection solutions, 24 hours a day. Our emergency backup generators provide total site power whenever the GRID fails.
All Power Continuity installations are automatically activated in the event of a GRID failure providing seamless emergency power to ensure your operations continue without any power disruption. 100% No Break in power.

PowerContinuity also prevents damage to your smart applications caused by sudden voltage drop and power outages that ‘knock’ out software and robotics lines.

Power Protection with Green Power /Off Grid/UPS/Generators- automatically.

We service and maintain all our own POWER CONTINUITY SMART APPLICATION systems with our own nationwide trained PowerContinuity engineers.  On call 24 hours a day.

We Design. We build. We Install.
Seamless Standby Power for your company

We are Power Continuity

Call us on 0845 055 8455 We’re here to help 24/7


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