GEMÜ R470 Butterfly Valves Range – The High Performance Workhorse for High Pressures & High Temperatures (HPHT)

Meet the high performance double-eccentric butterfly valves, GEMÜ R470 series, perfectly suited for applications with high pressures and temperatures. Available in nominal sizes from DN 50 to DN 600, this robust workhorse can take pressures up to 40 bar or temperatures up to 230 °C. The double-eccentric construction directly separates the disc from the seat (gasket), which reduces friction making the valves remarkably more durable and therefore increasing service life. Another features of the GEMÜ R470 is the continuous shaft with temperature resistant graphite bearing providing additional safety measures as well as the PTFE gland packing that can be adjusted in operation to minimize leakage, even at low pressures.

This significantly reduces the maintenance requirements after installation. Antistatic fixtures are available as optional for use in an ATEX enviroment. Thanks to the optimized disc design in spherical form, the GEMÜ R470 offers excellent sealing and guaranteed mechanical functionality even at the highest pressures and temperatures. Made from PTFE TFMTM, the sealing ring is robust and versatile, ensuring excellent reliability for use in most process applications.

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Check out our video tutorial on how to modify a Butterfly Valve to a pneumatic, single-acting Normally Open or Normally Closed (NO/NC) actuator:


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