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PowerContinuity Ltd, the Midlands based power protection providers specialising in industrial diesel generators and uninterruptible power supplies are proud to announce that following new power continuity projects installed over the last 12 months, we are now protecting even more UK customers than ever before. The previous figure stood at over 16 million UK end users that have some part of their daily activities power protected by one of our bespoke installations. This is now over 20 million thanks to installations including a 4MW rotary UPS and diesel generator project for a multi-national pharmaceutical company.

John East, Projects Director for PowerContinuity commented: “more and more businesses are seeing the huge financial and reputational impact that power cuts have on their operations. After the recession businesses have tried to reduce spending wherever possible to conserve cashflow. Fortunately shrewd business owners and directors are increasingly aware of the impact a power cut would have on their business and are taking the necessary action to prevent this”.

Regarding the UPS market, Power Continuity have noticed an increase in the appetite for rotary UPS as a solution rather than a traditional battery powered static UPS. Whilst both systems have their most appropriate applications, the potentially higher efficiencies and ability to provide seamless power for a building’s entire power usage are strong attractions.

Mr East continues: “rotary UPS’ are particularly well suited for manufacturing businesses who need uninterrupted power for the whole site, not just for servers or IT equipment. We have been able to provide clients with both new and pre-owned rotary UPS equipment to suit businesses’ varying budgets”.

This coming Winter will again put a strain on the UK’s power grid with small surplus capacity and the ever-present risk of adverse weather and terrorism affecting our power. Now is the time to make sure your business is power protected.

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