Protect Your Large Open Gears with Transparent, Heavy-Metal-Free Pyroshield Lubricants

Whether you operate a kiln, ball mill, rod mill or other large open gear application, you are familiar with the challenging conditions of daily operation. Lubrication Engineers formulated its Pyroshield® line of heavy-duty synthetic lubricants to keep large open gears operating at maximum efficiency. Pyroshield lubricants can help ensure your expensive equipment lasts longer, while at the same time reducing your maintenance expenses and lowering the amount of lubricant needed.

Pyroshield meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications for open gear applications and has a proven record of performance in coal power generation facilities, cement kilns, and metal and mineral mining operations all over the world. Its ability to protect open gears from extreme pressures, heavy loads and high temperatures is well established.

The Pyroshield formula contains no heavy metals or lead, can be used in automatic lubrication systems (will not block valves or accumulate on nozzles), and has a sufficiently high viscosity index to remove temperature-based fluctuations during use. It does not require equipment to be shut down during conversion.

Pyroshield Contains Proprietary Solid Additive

The Pyroshield formulation includes Almasol®, LE’s proprietary solid film additive that contributes extreme heat stability, anti-wear protection and extreme pressure properties. Almasol will not build up on itself and adversely affect machine operation with close tolerances or create hard deposits that lead to housekeeping issues.

Reliable Solution for Open Gear Lubrication

Pyroshield Syn Hvy Open Gear Lubricant (9000) & Pyroshield Syn XHvy Open Gear Lubricant (9011) are heavy-duty synthetic fluids designed to provide outstanding protection for high-load, heavy-shock applications, such as large shrouded open gears used in mining, mineral processing and cement industries. Pyroshield Syn Open Gear Lubricants are non-asphaltic and environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals.


  • Exhibits very high film strength
  • Clings to metal surfaces without accumulating
  • Reduces gear temperatures by up to 15%
  • Carries 95-lb Timken OK load
  • Achieves 14th stage pass in FZG gear test


  • Contains no lead or heavy metals
  • Can be disposed of like any other nonhazardous petroleum oil


  • Appears translucent in use, making inspections easier
  • Can be applied manually or through automatic spray system
  • Eliminates need for cleanup downtime

Cost Effective

  • Lasts longer than competitive lubricants
  • Ensures fewer failures and less downtime
  • Reduces lubricant use by up to 80%
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Reduces energy consumption

Worldwide Availability

LE’s Pyroshield Syn Open Gear Lubricants and other open gear lubricants – along with a comprehensive line of industrial and automotive lubricants and reliability solutions – are available worldwide. Find your local consultant or distributor here:

Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

(800) 537-7683

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