Quality packaging for a quality product!

Every family has costs on preventative or essential medicines.
We all try to protect ourselves and our loved ones from illnesses and all types of maladies, but, unfortunately, we all face situations when we just cannot do without medicines

It is no secret that different countries give preference to one form of medicine or another. Today we will take an in-depth look at liquid medicines. Their widespread use is attributable to a number of advantages:

a) medicines in any physical state can be brought to any level of particle dispersity, dissolved or evenly distributed in a solvent, which ultimately leads to the curative effect of the substance on the organism and is confirmed by biopharmaceutical research;

b) liquid medicines are distinguished by their large variety of components and methods of administration;

c) these pharmaceuticals are simple and easy to administer;

d) they are absorbed more quickly upon ingestion than solid pharmaceuticals. It should be noted, however, that liquid medicines are less stable during storage, as substances in solution are more responsive, that only specialised vessels are used in their preparation, and that their transportation raises certain difficulties.

Therefore, the issue of proper transportation and safekeeping of products throughout the entire supply chain is a key concern. A quality product must make it to the end user unchanged.

For more than 30 years Dividella has been developing equipment, applicators, packaging modules and lines for parenteral products and more. Packaging of liquid medicines is our main line of business. Over the years we have accumulated a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our clients and the requirements on packaging for parenteral products. If medicines must be transported in a cooled state, package size is of considerable importance. If you compare a product in a blister pack with a package in a Dividella cardboard box, you will see that the room inside the cardboard box is much smaller. That being said, the designers of Dividella’s engineering department also pay close attention to the careful handling of a client’s products. Each individual product intended for injection (be it an ampoule, syringe, vial, or other product) is placed in the packaging in a certain way: it is loaded from the top and specially fixed to eliminate contact between products, thereby ensuring the safety of the product in case of an unexpected fall through the absorption of the impact by the packaging and its inserts.


Dividella’s latest achievement is a prime example of this. As a result of its implementation, our regular customer
Sanofi Pasteur was presented with an important North American award (the North American Packaging Award) for the packaging of syringes. In June 2013 the Institute of Packaging
Professionals announced that Sanofi Pasteur had been nominated for the main prize of the AmeriStar Packaging Awards Competition in the category “Drug & Pharmaceutical”.
A package for 10 syringes containing a flu vaccine was developed by Dividella together with Sanofi Pasteur, and allowed the pharmaceutical company to increase its production volume, improve the performance of its equipment, reduce costs on packaging materials and the transportation logistics of the medicine, which requires a cold chain. The vaccine is packaged using the Dividella NeoTop 804 packaging equipment.

Website: http://www.dividella.ch/en/solutions.html

The main exterior packaging is made from monocarton, a fully recyclable material that replaced the plastic tray in which the syringes with the vaccine were previously placed. This change alone made it possible for the company to save USD 1,000,000 annually.

The transition to cardboard and the abandonment of the plastic tray reduced the total size of the package by 50%, and the costs on transportation and handling in refrigerated containers were curtailed significantly (halved). Dividella’s NeoTop 804 packaging line allowed throughput capacity to be increased fourfold over the previously used equipment, and a production capacity of 800 syringes/minute to be reached. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) doubled, from 35% to 70%. The machine was designed in such a way that it can produce packaging for vials, medical injection needles and combined packaging for other products.

Modern pharmaceutical products are becoming intrinsically more complex, leading to growing demands on production, storage and transportation conditions. The most important factor is widely considered to be the guaranteed quality of the product after its delivery to the end user. Therefore, the maintenance of temperature control regardless of the means of transportation, protection against contamination, ensuring the integrity of the immediate packaging holding the product, the safety of the product for use by patients and the achievement of the desired results of treatment are all interrelated issues. Modern packaging is no longer just the outer shell of the products placed in it.

In addition to an elegant appearance, ease of use, easy-to-under­stand and simple opening instructions for people with disabilities, the availability of important information on dosage and storage of the product and Braille lettering, a package must also have other important attributes: childproofing of medicines, anti-counterfeiting features and tamper-evident seals, full information on the manufacturer, batch, active ingredients and expiration date. All of these aspects must be outwardly visible, but only professionally developed packaging ensures intelligent placement of products inside the package itself, proper fixation to fully exclude contact between products, guaranteed integrity of the product in an ampoule, syringe or vial after transportation and protection from external mechanical effects. Dividella has been just such a professional for many years now. Its packaging lines are used actively by nearly all major pharmaceutical companies.

Quality medical products required by all should only be delivered in quality packaging!

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