A-SAFE launch iFlex range with next-generation innovations in leg-racking protection.

The former CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner, once said: “There’s no good idea that cannot be improved upon.” It’s a philosophy that is at the heart of every new model, every material upgrade and every product development in the history of modern invention.

For companies who invest heavily in Research & Development, improving great products into superior ones is a primary and ongoing objective. A-SAFE’s RackGuard was already the world-leading product in rack leg protection, used by blue chip companies across the world to protect important racking structures from the impact of workplace vehicles. But A-SAFE’s in-house R&D team know that laurel-resting is perilous in the ever-changing world of innovation. Hence, their new iFlex RackGuard – the next generation of leg racking protection.

A scientific design process brings a host of world-first features: Compression Hinges ensure iFlex RackGuards securely grip rack legs and maintain a constant state of compression. A Centralizing Rubber Lug fits the product centrally to any size of rack leg. Ten Frictional Grip Points offer enhanced overall grip to any rack leg. Specially-designed Front Impact Absorption transfers energy around the rack leg protection rather than through the actual racking and Side Impact Absorption dissipates forces through the patented iFlex material, called Memaplex, before reforming to its original shape.

Add to these impressive new features, A-SAFE standards such as installation efficiency, high visibility, a vastly reduced need for replacement products, no corrosion, flaking or toxicity and next to no manpower maintenance costs and you have a world-leading product offering a world-class return in investment, as well as an above-and-beyond adherence to modern Health & Safety standards.

The new product has been rigorously FEA-tested and TÜV-approved and certified, with tests showing zero deflection on the racking after five impacts of 400 Newtons. This means the iFlex RackGuard offers a five-fold safety improvement on existing racking protection.

Mr Eisner’s dictum that all great products inspire even greater innovations is a philosophy that still holds strong and true – until someone improves on it, of course.

A-SAFE are the inventors and manufacturers of fixed polymer safety barriers; used around the world to offer unbeatable, money-saving protection for buildings, personnel and equipment – asafe.com

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