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The UK manufacturing industry is notoriously difficult to remain competitive in. Output has shrunk to just 2% of the world’s total output – from 25%, 50 years earlier. Taking on this productivity challenge, smart innovations in the technology sector are meeting real-world manufacturing challenges head-on and transforming business operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, customised for a manufacturing business, can solve many day-to-day operational challenges and will transform your operations. Imagine, finance, sales and manufacturing operations integrating seamlessly with popular Microsoft reporting, productivity and collaboration tools – all hosted securely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Businesses are also finding simplicity, transparency and affordability with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud, liberated from the constraints of IT infrastructure and empowered by the ability to add new apps, as their business grows.

Manufacturing Case Study

“We’ve reduced waste significantly; a combination of standard Dynamics NAV along with the ‘Product Configurator’ app has reduced direct labour costs to the tune of £500k per annum. We’ve also merged acquisitions onto a single platform, this has facilitated a turnover increase, in 2014, of £18m to a forecast, for 2017, of £27m”. Financial Director, SPS Promotional Gifts


Technology empowering Business Transformation

Manufacturing businesses reach a tipping point where the tools that supported their business are now hindering their ability to act with agility and insight.

  • Legacy systems
  • Manual processes
  • Predicting consumer demands
  • Changing regulations
  • Global sourcing
  • Global competition

Manufacturing businesses using older software solutions to integrate manufacturing management, production control, quality control with financials –  are increasingly asking themselves whether they need an end-to-end business solution that can grow and evolve – to support growth ambitions.


  • Productivity: time-saving integration, with swift access to all business data – from a single Solution
  • Financial Control: enabling cost control and smarter buying decisions – opportunities for growth and re-investment
  • Business Insight: built-in business intelligence and reporting features – that puts data into context, to make swift business decisions
  • Mobility: connected anytime, anywhere any device – with real-time reporting and collaboration tools


Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is a notoriously a difficult industry but imagine if you could anticipate and respond quickly to changes in customer needs, supply and manufacturing capacities; gain better insight or understanding of your business; make it easy to find, use and share information; track stock all the way through the manufacturing process; better manage regulatory and compliance.

  • Respond quicker to changes in customer demand
  • Improve utilisation of stock and resources
  • Reduce stock holding and improve customer service
  • Streamline and automate your production process
  • Grow your business by addressing constantly evolving customer needs

If you recognise these challenges, talk to Azzure IT for free, no obligation advice and explore the potential of Dynamics 365, with a FREE Demo.

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Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used by over 2m+ users, across more than 40 countries – a trusted, proven and robust solution for manufacturing. Microsoft Dynamics can help small and medium-sized businesses connect, automate and grow their accounting, manufacturing, operations, purchasing, supply-chain, sales and marketing.

It’s a fully integrated business solution, that integrates manufacturing management, production control and quality control with a wide range of smart, end-to-end business functionalities. Microsoft Dynamics can run your business end-to-end.

Azzure IT, a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner

Advice, implementation and support is delivered through Microsoft Dynamics Partners.  Our membership of the Microsoft President’s Club means we’re recognised by Microsoft, as one of the top 5% of Dynamics partners worldwide.    

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