The Samson Nano – Further Innovations in Pallet Wrapping

Since its launch in 2013, Samuel Grant Packaging’s Samson Nano has revolutionised the way in which pallet wrapping is both undertaken and charged for.

Known particularly for its fixed price per wrapped pallet with no capex / servicing and maintenance costs, coupled with its inbuilt internet-linked reporting software, the Samson Nano provides the perfect base for a pallet wrapping solution to suit all businesses.

Having said all that, the team at Grant’s are always looking for ways to improve the machines in order to offer the best possible service. The team have a highly proactive approach to new ideas and improvements which coupled with their extensive expertise allows most solutions to already be in place.

For example, since the change in law in February 2016 (see link below) regarding the weighing of internationally-bound pallets prior to despatch, Samuel Grant can now incorporate a weighing facility into the base of the Samson Nano on request.

Following the lack of space issue raised by one client, an especially reinforced ramp was created to sustain the weight of a forklift driving over it – in fact it can deal with the pressure of up to 10 tonnes. A 3 tonne wrap machine has also been produced, as well as a machine specifically designed to deal with cold stores.

All of the above are part of the ongoing customer service that Samson Nano clients receive, and all solutions are provided with no capex, servicing or maintenance costs; a fixed price per wrapped pallet, and completely risk-free to the businesses installing the system.

“I always ask my customers – “If I gave you a magic wand to change your current wrapping, what would you do?”” says Julia Allen, Samson Nano Specialist and Managing Director of Samuel Grant Sheffield. “This gives me the most honest feedback of what is wrong with their current wrapping which helps me devise a bespoke solution for them in conjunction with my findings from the site evaluation. Our mission is to listen, advise and deliver optimum solutions.”

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