SEEPEX metering pumps with integrated flow control

SEEPEX have recently introduced a new generation of dosing pumps – a progressive cavity pump range that combines accuracy, reliable metering and the option for remote control.

Our dosing pumps are suitable for low and high viscosity products, they can handle aggressive chemicals and abrasive products and are suitable for high pressure applications.

The progressive cavity pump design produces low pulsation characteristics and an accurate, linear flow rate that is directly related to the pump speed.

Installation and calibration are simple as pulsation dampeners and ball valves are not needed.

The dosing pump range features:-

  • Conveying capacity: up to 1000 l/h (380 GPH),
  • Pressure: up to 24 bar (360 PSI)
  • Integrated digital flow control directly linked to pump speed
  • Profibus enabled for fully automated control
  • Accurate linear flow independent of viscosity and pressure (deviation ±1%)
  • No pulsation dampeners,strainers, ball valves, or non-return valves needed
  • Does not vapour lock

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are used for dosing chemicals and food ingredients, across a wide industry spectrum. They offer significant advantages in terms of reliability, flexibility, ease of calibration and installation costs when compared to alternative positive displacement pumps.

Contact to arrange a free arrange a visit from a Technical Sales engineer, to book a ‘lunch and learn’ session, for a quote for a specific application, or simply for more information on our product ranges.

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